Vinegar Egg Science Trick

Vinegar Egg On PlateMy son read that if you put a raw egg in vinegar, the shell will dissolve.  So we got out a bowl and tried it.

It was fun!  The reaction bubbles out CO2 which collects on the shell.  The bubbles at the bottom gently roll the egg. That’s handy since you don’t have to keep coming in to rotate the egg or stir, and it’s fun to watch.  We left the egg to toss and turn all night.

The next morning we rushed down to see what had happened.   The egg now had only two receding polar caps of calcium carbonate,  presumably because the rolling action affected those ends the least.  A quick rinse and our vinegar egg was 100% shell free.

I was surprised at how delightful the shell-less egg is.  So natural and familiar, but so unlike an egg.

I shot a video of it rolling in vinegar and of the final result.

2 thoughts on “Vinegar Egg Science Trick

  1. Kurt — Cool, a great experiment for kids. This one was MUCH easier for me to follow than the last. :) Thanks — Mike PS: I’ve brush hoggedsome on the perimeter of the field around the Big House.


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