Home Movie Conversions

Reel25.00_01_44_29.Still001I converted a lot of our old 8mm home movies, and put them up on YouTube.  They’re unlisted, so I needed a easy list to share with family.  This page is pretty much of no interest to most folks.  Please ignore.

For folks in my family please feel free to share the link to this page.  There’s even a few black & white movies from the late 50’s.   There are a few reels missing from this list.  Those are ones that I’m still working on to blur out little naked kids, etc.  This has been a LOT of work.   Even small amounts of work turn into a lot of work when you multiply by 58.

It would be nice to get these all in some format where you can also see the thumbnails, but manually copying them into this page is too much work.   I’ll see about setting up my own separate YouTube Channel for these so they’re easier to brows, but that may not work with Unlisted videos.

If you have any other ideas about organizing this stuff please let me know. I hope you enjoy checking the movies out.


REEL1 Gilbert Lake, Cement Mixer, Niva Ball,  Christmas Tree, Sledding.

REEL2 DC Trip, Easter Egg Hunt in Florida, Dick,Carla, Dug and Linda Freebee, Kurt, Inge, Emily, Oma camping/eating.

REEL3  Florida April 1972, Apollo launch

Reel 4 Sturbridge Village and Mullens Trip to New England

Reel6 Grandma & Grandpa’s with the cousins 

Reel7 Inge’s first day of school, Leonardsville Apple picking, Sledding, Christmas

Reel8 Edna’s Pool, Grandma & Grandpa’s, German Festival, Vanessa Comes, Y Camp, Waterfalls at Scoharie with the Mullenses, Assateague with Mike, Inge’s Birthday

Reel9 German Trip 1 with Orange camper,

Reel 10 German Trip 2

Reel 11 Florida with Marj and Christa

Reel 12 Shorter reel of just Emily, Oma, Kurt, Inge going to Disney World

Reel 13 Longer Florida Trip With Oma, Emily, Inge, Trip to Disney World

Reel 14 First half of Helmut & Mike’s Alaska trip.  Starting at Grandma & Grandpa’s.

Reel 15 Second half of Helmut & Mike’s Alaska Trip

Reel 16 Second part of 1979 Alaska trip.  

Reel 17 German Club Trip

Reel 18 Gathering Potatoes

Reel 19 Alaskan Totems

Reel 20 B&W Footage Driving, Schaefer Beer Sign

Reel 21 Survival Kurt Lives in tree grinds wheat for bread

Reel 22 B&W Helmut at Pool, Drives away in Beatle

Reel 23 B&W Trip to Pittsburgh Incline in VW

Reel 24 B&W Pittsburgh Grants Department Store, strength tester, garage door, driving.

Reel 25 B&W Swimming, Motorcycle, City, VW Dealer, Oma, Dodge

Reel 26 Kotlik Alaska, part 1, Snow Machines, Ice Fishing

Reel 27 Kotlik Alaska, part 2, Ice Fishing, Baseball, Graveyard

Reel 28 Swim Meet, Stop Motion, Inge’s Birthday

Reel 29 Grandma & Grandpa’s Mike & Christa on Minibike, Kurt Flying Plane, Tree Climbing

Reel 30 Frankfurt, Coming Home, Badminton

Reel 31 Grandma & Grandpa’s Going to the Zoo

Reel 32 Niagara Falls, The YMCA Camp

Reel 33 Grandma & Grandpa’s, Aunt Edna’s Pool, Picking Currents

Reel 34 1000 Islands trip

Reel 35 Swimming in a rocky river, camping, Oma heads out

Reel 36 Walking on sand putting on bug spray

Reel 37 Mike & Helmut German Trip Double Exposure

Reel 38 Assateague Island, Kurt’s First Day Of School, Ice Storm

Reel 39 Gilbert Lake, Moon Mission, Swim Meet with Ilka

Reel 41 Washing the Camper, Swim Meet, Ilka in NYC

Reel 42 Florida, Easter with the Herringtons

Reel 43 Florida Playing on posts

Reel 44 Florida Trip starts at Morris School, Herringtons.

Reel 45 Swim Meet, Ilka, Boating

Reel 46 Florida Swinging, Fozzy and Kermit, Swimming in Duckweed

Reel 47 Inge’s Birthday at the Lean To Camp, Raking Hay

Reel 48 Somersaults, Climbing the Maple, Our Cat

Reel 49 Shuffleboard, Water Park, Dick & Carla’s

Reel 50 Short Mike and Helmut Alaska Trip Outtake

Reel 51 German Trip with Roy and Cousin Inge

Reel 52 Germany Visit Frank, Cousin Inge.

Reel 53 Hot Air Balloon, Swim Meet

Reel 56 Florida, Disney World with Roy and Deirdre

Reel 57 Swim Meet, Watkins Glen, Biplane

Reel 58 Petting Zoo, Smoking, Pymatuning Dam, Aunt Edna’s Pool