Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 5.23.26 PM As I plow though life I seem to build a lot of projects.   I started this blog to post photos of them as they progress, and talk about things that went right and the times things went wrong. There’s no telling what projects will light the fire inside.  Whimsical things, practical things.  Who can say.  Still it’s nice when I can get a project to a place where people say “wait.  You made that?”   This blog has a profile page over on the eeWeb.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, Kurt! I’m designing a new approach to making how-to videos, and Jess recommended I talk with you because you’d bring a good perspective as a prolific creator. Is there a better channel to reach you? Love the inkjet camera slide idea. Seems like everyone’s got a dead inkjet in the closet nowadays. 😉

  2. Hi Kurt, I’m an Art student in Ireland & I’m very interested in using a computer controlled weaving loom for a conceptual art project. Is there any way we could chat so that I could ask you some questions about the possibilities around this?

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