Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 5.23.26 PM As I plow though life I seem to build a lot of projects.   I started this blog to post photos of them as they progress, and talk about things that went right and the times things went wrong. There’s no telling what projects will light the fire inside.  Whimsical things, practical things.  Who can say.  Still it’s nice when I can get a project to a place where people say “wait.  You made that?”   This blog has a profile page over on the eeWeb.

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  1. Hello, Kurt! I’m designing a new approach to making how-to videos, and Jess recommended I talk with you because you’d bring a good perspective as a prolific creator. Is there a better channel to reach you? Love the inkjet camera slide idea. Seems like everyone’s got a dead inkjet in the closet nowadays. 😉

  2. Hi Kurt, I’m an Art student in Ireland & I’m very interested in using a computer controlled weaving loom for a conceptual art project. Is there any way we could chat so that I could ask you some questions about the possibilities around this?

  3. Hi Kurt! I really dug your video of the loom! I’m writing my second novel, a comic fantasy set in a world where one country is leaps and bounds ahead of the others– basically in the Industrial Revolution, not Medieval Times. I would love, love LOVE to have someone who’s familiar with the inner workings of retro tech (aha!) look my writing over to make sure it’s plausible. BIG BONUS POINTS if the person clearly has a sense of humor, art and fun. (Hint hint)

    Please write me back if you could assist in guiding me to a better creative product. Of course I’ll send you a free copy of my first book, FOOL’S PROOF, which introduces this country, its ruler, and the fool who tries putting one past her.

    • Hey There! Thanks for dropping me a line. Your book looks very fun, and it even looks like we both went to CMU, so that’s kind of strange synchronicity. I’m touched that you reached out to me as a sort of Retro-technological consultant. That does sound like fun but sadly with my job/kids I’m already drowning in my own unfinished projects. So taking on other responsibilities is counter indicated. Good luck with the book I’m sure it’s going to be great!

  4. Love your project videos! I hope you keep making and sharing them. Can tell you put a lot of work into them– great camera work, writing, and hilarious story-telling.

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